1st floor house design

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1st floor house design

1st floor house design - A beautiful house does not mean a luxurious home. Even though your house is small and only consists of 1 floor, you can still have a beautiful house. The key is in the layout and selection of the right interior design.
For those of you who are still unsure of the statement of a beautiful house, it doesn't have to be fancy, it's better to just look at some of the following 1-storey interior design and spatial layout!The first beautiful house is quite small, but you can still make it look attractive and neat. The choice of furniture has an important role. Make sure the size is not too large so the room is not narrow and residents of this beautiful house can walk without obstruction.

For decoration, hang a few minimalist photo frames. Don't forget to use a dangling curtain from top to floor so that the ceiling of the room looks taller.A beautiful house does not always have to be luxurious, even a small house can look beautiful. For example, a house with a family room design blends with the dining room because of limited land.
In order to look beautiful, you can play colors on furniture, such as sofas, pillowcases, and coffee tables.Another trick for your one-story house to be a beautiful home is to use the right lighting techniques. Instead of using ordinary lights on the ceiling, you should use indirect lighting pinned behind the ceiling or even behind the furniture.

The light color you can adjust to the needs and style of the house itself. Want yellow or white, it's just as beautiful! If you want to create a more dramatic impression in the design of your beautiful home, install indirect lighting that leads upwards near the display or painting.Having a beautiful 1-storey house with a large size is a dream for everyone. You can have many rooms and don't need to go up and down stairs to move space. The bedroom has 3 pieces, 1 master bedroom with private bathroom and 2 ordinary rooms.

No half-hearted, this beautiful house has 2 dining rooms. The first dining room is near the kitchen and is used to enjoy breakfast. While the second dining room is near a larger size family room. The second dining room belonging to this beautiful house can also be used to entertain guests.
The layout of the 1st floor of the next house is very simple. There are 2 bedrooms next to each bathroom. The dining area is combined with the kitchen, while the family room is connected to the terrace of the house.So that this one design can appear as a beautiful house, you just need to get used to always keep the house neat and use furniture that fits the size of the room.

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